This Mother-Of-Five May Be The ‘Fittest Mom’ Out There

Hot mom.

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While I don’t have any kids of my own, if I had any there is no way in hell I would find the time or the energy to workout, as I would use my spare time to catch up on my stories. But don’t tell that to 34-year-old Simone Gately, who may just be the fittest mom out there.

The 34-year-old mother-of-five says that she’s proof that there shouldn’t be an excuse not to work out and have the body you desire after pregnancy. And well, Gately is showing everyone that pushing five kids out of her has just forced her to work out even more. Gately, who has five kids all under the age of nine, wakes up at 5am everyday for a gym session, then she hikes and then she uses her kids as weights for squats.

The English mom is also married to a dude who happens to be an obesity professor, so yeah, that helps.

Gately reveals that she gained 70 pounds after the birth of her first kid, and since then opted to try and get fit.

“I’ve since had another four children who are now all under the age of nine and although my stomach has stretched and deflated so many times, Gately explains. “I still have an eight pack and the body of my dreams. “I want to show other women that you don’t have to live in the gym and let fitness dominate your life in order to have a flat stomach and good muscle tone.”

Sure sounds like she lives at the gym. Well, at least she looks like this. Check some of these photos out thanks to her Instagram.

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