You’re Going To Find It Quite Difficult To Take Your Eyes Off Model Krystina Marie

Those eyes, though.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Krystina Marie

It’s always nice when we come across a new model that we hadn’t ever heard of before — a model that makes us turn our head and proceed to creep out on her Instagram. You know, that’s how it usually works out. And this time around it’s all about Krystina Marie.

Now there isn’t a whole lot to learn about Krystina, but here are the facts: she’s a model, she does makeup, she’s an actress and apparently she’s a real estate agent. And after looking at her pics you’re probably going to want to buy a house from her. Well, you’re going to want to at least follow her on Instagram, which currently has close to 30k followers.

With gorgeous eyes and a fantastic body, you’re going to be a fan of this gal. Check out some of her best photos thanks to her Instagram.

Krystina has a new fan in us.

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