Hot Adrenaline Junkie Annelise Temple Goes Base Jumping While Naked

Hey, this is one trend we can get behind.

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Photo: Instagram/Annelise Temple

Would I ever go base jumping? No. Would I ever get near a cliff for fear of falling to my death? No. Would I consider hanging out on a cliff if Annelise Temple was going to be there? Yes. Yes I would.

For those of you do do not know who Temple is, she’s a popular adrenaline junkie who enjoys showing her latest stunts on Instagram to her near 25k followers. And it helps that she’s easy on the eyes, too. Well her latest stunt has the internet buzzing for one reason and one reason alone: Temple is naked.

Temple recently decided to go base jumping off a 900ft cliff for some reason with help from Swiss base jumping instructor David Laffargue. And the only reason this is a good watch is because Temple decides to do it naked. So we are left with this view.

naked jumping

Not too bad at all. Now check out the actual jump below.

Quite the stunt — one stunt I would never do, but I’m totally fine watching it. Now let’s take a look at more of Temple thanks to her Instagram.

h/t The Sun

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