Alexandra Daddario Shows Off Her Incredible Cleavage For GQ Spain

Wow. Just, wow.

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Photo: Instagram/Alexandra Daddario

This just in: Alexandra Daddario has a hell of a rack. Well, not just in because everyone already knew that.

While Baywatch bombed at the theatre, the 31-year-old actress is still on everyone’s radar and that’s because Daddario is making sure her cleavage remains on your mind. Not like it left your mind anyway. Hell, how can you forget when the actress was busting out of her flowery dress? Well we’ll tell you this: you’re going to have this GQ spread on your mind all damn week long.

Daddario and GQ Spain teamed up for this epic photo shoot that focuses on one thing and thing thing only: Daddio’s cleavage. And holy hell what a shoot it was. I mean, just check out the cover of GQ Spain thanks to Daddario’s Instagram.

Jaw-dropping, right? There’s more, and it even gets better. Take a look.

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Thanks, Spain.

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