50-Year-Old Nicole Kidman Was All Nips For ‘Love Magazine’

All nips indeed.

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Photo: Instagram

There was a time when Nicole Kidman was one of the hottest women out there. And yes, I know that was before this.


But don’t get us wrong, there are times when the 50-year-old shows us flashes of the hot gal that starred in Eyes Wide Shut, and one of those times occurred recently when the Oscar winner teamed up with Love Magazine for a photo shoot. Let’s just say that the Australian actress donned a red swimsuit, and it looked like it was a tad cold outside. Just a tad.

Have a look at what we mean thanks to Love Magazine’s Instagram.

50-Year-Old Nicole Kidman Was All Nips For ‘Love Magazine’

As we said, it was a tad cold. Kidman can also be seen in this photo.

And it continued to be cold while filming this video it seems.

And let’s wrap this up with this one:

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