Sara Jean Underwood Took The Buck-Naked Road Recently

Hey, nice choice, Sara.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Sara Jean Underwood

And what a road it is.

Sara Jean Underwood is obviously not shy at all as she shares countless photos and videos of herself half-naked on Instagram for her 8.3 million followers. And whether she’s busy playing with her boobs or if she’s just kayaking while in a tiny bikini, we can always count on the 33-year-old model to keep us entertained. And that’s exactly what Underwood did recently.

The blonde bombshell took it to Instagram to show off quite the photo — a buck-naked photo of herself along with this caption: “Clothing optional hot spring. I went with optional.” Good choice, because this is the photo below.

Yes, we are very glad she chose optional. Want to see more good decisions? Well, check out more photos that Underwood recently decided to share with us all.

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