Rebecca Black Blew Up The Internet With ‘Friday’ But Now She’s Back And Looking Hot

"We, we, we, we so excited."

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Rebecca Black

Last year we had to pay tribute to Rebecca Black and her garbage song “Friday” by not only reminding you all of the song, but telling you all that the singer is smoking hot. But now one year later since our post Black is back with some new music for some reason — but that’s OK because while we let you listen to her new song, we’ll also show you more photos of how hot Black is looking these days.

Let’s first remind you all of this gem:

And here’s her new song which I can admit sounds way better than that travesty that was “Friday.”

And now let’s check out some of the hottest photos of the 20-year-old thanks to her Instagram.

h/t Maxim

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