There Are 2 Big Reasons Why Jessica Weaver Is So Popular On Instagram

Two very big reasons.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Jessica Weaver

And those reasons are pretty clear from the get-go.

Let me first introduce you all to model and blonde bombshell, Jessica Weaver, better known as Jessica Cakes on Instagram. The 29-year-old is a big deal on Instagram with four million followers, but Weaver is also a life coach, who also happens to own a vape shop in San Gabriel, California called V-apes. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in it if you’re into vaping for some reason.

When she isn’t sharing hot photos on Instagram or trying to convince frat boys to take on vaping, Weaver is sharing videos on YouTube where she currently has over 40,000 subscribers. But for now we are going to focus on why Weaver is so popular on Instagram. And like I said earlier, there are two big reasons.

So check out those two big reasons below thanks to Weaver’s Instagram.

And now you know the reasons.

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