JoJo Babie Gets A ’10’ For This Fantastic ‘Butt Selfie’ On Instagram

Yep, tens all around!

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/JoJo Babie

It has been nothing but positive things since we heard about JoJo Von Southi, who is better known as JoJo Babie. The 28-year-old curvy model has been sharing nothing but hot photo after photo on her Instagram, and the last time we talked about her is was to put the spotlight on her bikini.

But now we are back to talking about JoJo and that’s because she shared quite the butt photo on Instagram — you know, a butt selfie. Yes this is how we talk in 2017 now.

Take a look at that photo below thanks to JoJo’s Instagram:

JoJoe also gets a ten for this butt selfie:

And let’s just keeping giving her tens for these other recent gems, too:

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