Anllela Sagra Just Wore The Hottest Pair Of ‘Shorts’ We’ve Seen

What a strut.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Anllela Sagra

Just when we thought that no one could top Ariel Winter and her jean “shorts,” in walks fitness model and trainer Anllela Sagra.

Sagra, who we once put the spotlight on her hot workout video, took it to Instagram to show off quite the video for her 9.3 million followers. What’s in the video? It pretty much shows the 24-year-old taking a stroll while wearing the shortest pair of what we think are shorts that we’ve seen.

Go right ahead and check out the video thanks to Sagra’s Instagram.

You watched that a few times, didn’t you? Well when you’re done there, go right ahead and check out these other hot gems:

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