Jade Lagardère Is The Hottest Comic Book Author Out There

I'm suddenly into comics.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Jade Lagardère

Look, I don’t know if there are a batch filled with hot comic book authors as I assume the majority of them are men who haven’t seen sunlight in years. But if there is, then Jade Lagardère has to be the hottest one by far.

The Belgium model is the creator of the comic book titled Amber Blake, a comic book all about a hero that looks just like her. The character in the book is abandoned at the age of five and battles against child abusers. Here’s what Lagardère tells Maxim.

“I’ve always been shocked and outraged at child abuses. I wanted to create a hero who personally suffered from these abuses and devoted her life to go after the villains involved.”

Pretty awesome. Lagardère says that eventually she would love to see Amber Blake turned into a TV show. But for now we can all enjoy her hottest photos thanks to her Instagram which currently holds close to 100k followers.

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