Actress And Model Amy Elizabeth Jackson Has One Hell Of A Body

Oh wow.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Amy Elizabeth Jackson

You know that it’s our duty to let you folks know anytime we come across a smoking hot gal; it’s just what we do. Hell, we made sure to let you know all about hot British surfer Laura Crane. But we aren’t talking about a surfer now. We re talking about an actress and model named Amy Elizabeth Jackson.

The 28-year-old isn’t very well known as she has only landed parts in Adult Swim’s The Jack and Triumph Show, MTV’s Wild ‘n Out, and she’s been seen in music videos like 50 Cent’s “Major Distribution.” So yeah, there’s a big chance you’ve never seen her. But you’ve been missing out. And why is that? Well it’s because this gal has once incredible body. And if you want proof of that you’re going to have to check out her hottest photos below thanks to her Instagram, which currently has 960k followers.

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