Is The ‘Twin Fetish’ Still A Thing? Well These Hot Twins Want A ‘Rich Husband’

Well, at least they are honest.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors
Photo: Instagram/Adel and Alina Fakhteeva

From what I’ve heard, it seems like the most popular topics on porn sites are step-brother/step-sister kind of porn. Again, that’s what I’ve heard. For some reason that’s all a lot of people want to see. But is the twin fetish still a thing? There was a time when fantasies involved getting down with two hot twins. Well, I don’t know if that’s the case still, but twin sisters Adel and Alina Fakhteeva may revive that fantasy.

Last year, The Sun reported on these 22-year-old twins to let everyone know that the twins were looking for a “disgustingly rich” husband to share, because they do everything together. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, they actually said that.

Adel and Alina are well known in their hometown of Kazan, Russia, as they do a lot of fashion blogging. In other words, they are famous for being attractive twins. And even though they make cash on their own they still want a rich dude. So of course they’ve reached out to local businessmen and politicians to assist them in their journey to find a rich dude. So hey, at least they have goals. And everyone needs a goal.

Until then, unless you’re rich and want to give a pair of gold-diggers some cash, you can enjoy some more photos of Adel and Aline below thanks to their Instagram.

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