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The Big List: Nukem! Gaiman! Madness!

We deem these five links to be worthy of your worthless, worthless time.

The Big List is here to pass judgment on everything we see! These links represent the nadir or apotheosis of the lives of men, real men! I will put their actions in the spotlight and they will be judged, harshly and unfairly!

Eh, or not, whatevs. Here’s the list:


The New York Times Profiles Norm Macdonald

The most prestigious news organization in the world sits down with the most prestigious user of the term "crackwhore."


Duke Nukem Forever: "Shrinkage"

Sometimes I feel like this game is just one giant troll on feminists.


State Legislator Apologizes For Calling Neil Gaiman a "Pencil Necked Weasel"

Finally, a politician has the courage to go after the man who wrote "The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish." Bravo!


Sony's “Make Good” Plan Includes “Batman-Inspired Mask Appearance Item”

Sorry we put your credit card number on an unfirewalled Apache server – this mask that kinda looks like Batman should more than make up for it.


Insomnia, Snoring & Other Sleep Problems With These Expert Tips

Read this article, or end up like this guy. He's not asleep, I just glued his head to the desk because he wouldn't read the article.


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