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The Big List: Valve! Pirates! 5,000 Megapixels!

Is there a better way to start the weekend than a big list of fun links? Nope!


The Big List is back! Did you miss us? We texted you, emailed you,
posted on your Facebook page…why didn't you get back to us? "Busy,"
eh? Really?? Too busy to tweet us even once??? Have you been running
around with other link columns?!?

Sorry, we get jealous sometimes. You're just so beautiful, baby. And
now, the links!

Valve's Eric Wolpaw Gives 90 Minute Interview


Oh great, another thing that makes me feel guilty I haven't played Portal 2 yet.

US Navy Uses MMO To Fight Somali Pirates


Just make sure not to click "gay" in your character profile.


5,000 Megapixel Photograph Of The Night Sky


Yeah, but ten years from now we'll be able to do this on our iPhones.

Anthony Burgess Archive Yields Clockwork Orange Script He Wrote Himself


Burgess' original script had Garfield switch places with a royal cat that looks exactly like Garfield.

Coal Cares Distributes Twilight Themed Inhalers



Oh man, how will coal companies recover from this prank? Oh, billions of dollars? Right.

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