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The Big List: Occupy Sesame Street! Steve Jobs Is Gone…

What else starts with the letter “C?” How about “cats?” Like the fat ones on Wall Street, nyuk nyuk nyuk.

Time to get married to a movie actor who humped a pie on screen, acknowledge your sex life has become shitty, hire a prostitute to give your husband some mouth-love on his birthday, realize that your life has gotten weird and check out these links!


Celebrities Tweet About The Death of Steve Jobs


Kourtney’s tweet was especially profound. #sarcasm


Who Was Considered Evil Incarnate Before Hitler?


If you said “Mumm-ra,” you aren’t as far off as you should be. [image via]


Jason Biggs’ Wife Bought Him A Hooker For His Birthday


Surprise! This sex story is pretty awkward. [image via]


Woman Claims 3D Movie Got Her Pregnant


The father is a Transformer. Hopefully an Autobot, though the mother was really drunk when she saw the film, so she can’t be sure.


Highlights From #OccupySesameStreet


We are Anonymuppets. Expect us… to know our ABC’s.


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week, when the links will flow like cherry wine. So fine!


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