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The Big List: Naked Maids Busted! Tax Day Disasters! Nick Offerman!

Police are out to end nude housekeeping. Plus: The horrors of Tax Day!

Time to go through April thinking there’s something you’ve got to do, on April 15th remember that it’s Tax Day, install the do-it-yourself tax software, do everything in a big hurry, make a ton of mistakes that the IRS will definitely catch, get in the car to go mail the package, get into a car accident, set an iCal alarm to do your taxes next year on April 1st and check out these links!


Pay Hot Girls To Clean Your House Naked


The local police wants to shut down Fantasy Maid Service. I smell a quirky indie film…


Fatal Car Crashes Increase On Tax Day


Let’s blame Obama!


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Falls Asleep During Bruce Springsteen Concert


Baby, he was born to naaaaaaaaap.


Parks & Rec’s Nick Offerman Was Asked To Hand Carve A Wooden Dildo


Complete with wooden balls, ridiculously enough. [Photo via]


Burger King Launches Bacon Sundae, Pizza Hut Launches Hot Dog Crust Pizza



Welcome to the 21st century, folks!


That’s all for this edition of The Big List. Join us next week, when we clean-up this list the only way we know how: via naked maid.


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