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The Big List: Obama’s Pot Guide! Fraggle Rock: The Movie!

How to smoke pot with the POTUS. Plus: Fraggles go Hollywood.

Time to become a famous, millionaire musician, brag about it on Twitter, watch as a billionaire one-ups you on Twitter, be dumbfounded and check out these links!


How To Smoke Pot With Barack Obama


The President and weed used to be BFFs. Today, not so much.


Hollywood Is Working On A Fraggle Rock Movie


See, there are always more 80s kids properties to ruin.


Steve Jobs Almost Named iMac “MacMan”


He came so close to ruining his comeback.


Drake vs. Texas Oil Billionaire on Twitter


Money can buy you a lot of things, including the opportunity to diss Drake.


Old People Actually Smell Better Than Young People


There goes your best excuse for not hugging Uncle Frank. [image via]


That’s all for this edition of The Big List, you drama queen!


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