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5 Funny Videos About The Magic School Bus

Bus, do your comedy stuff!

Is this the Magic School Bus? Well… not exactly. A number of YouTube comedians remember watching this 90s TV cartoon growing up and now they’re making fun of the Frizzle. So come on, you weasley wimps, it’s time to watch 5 funny videos about the Magic School Bus:


Gurl, That’s A Bootyhole!

Valves, bootyholes – same difference.


The Magic School Bus: The Movie (Trailer)

CARLOS! Shut the f*** up. Dude.


Magic School Bus Infection

If you’ve eaten a magic school bus, you’re gonna have a bad time.


The Magic School Burlesque

When this bus is a’rockin’…


Magic School Bus Gone Wild

No editing necessary to make this hilarious.


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