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5 Funny Teen Jeopardy Videos

Big fails and epic wins from Jeopardy teens!

High school is full of pressures, as we know from old after school specials. Stuff like sex, drugs, and being on a very popular, nationally televised, syndicated game show. True, most teens won't get the opportunity to meet Alex Trebek and play Jeopardy, but for the ones that do, the pressure's on, man! Here are 5 funny Teen Jeopardy videos:


Who Is The Kid With The Biggest Balls?

I like that he's both super cool and extremely fidgety at the same time.


What Is The Funniest Answer Possible?

If she were guessing Bond girl names, she'd be much closer.


What Is A Three-Way $0 Finish?

Kids these days love their Dublinstep music.


What Is Big Time Wrong?

I thought all teen girls knew this?! Also, I love the look of pain when he says "One Direction," as if to say, "I hope my friends don't call me 'gay' because I knew the answer."


What Is…?

Well… when… because… hold on… so… uh… what?


Geoffrey Golden is the Editor-In-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.