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The Big List: Police Didn’t Stop A Public 4/20 Party!

Has Pennsylvania gone to pot? Plus: 14 year old burger looks brand new!


Time to go to the park, smell marijuana smoke, see a bunch of people smoking marijuana, ask the police to arrest people and break up the party, be dumbfounded as the police refuse to act, try to stop your head from exploding right then and there, and check out these links!


Protester Tries And Fails To Get Police To Break Up 4/20 Celebration


Whoa, man. Why don’t you just relax and smoke some of this?


14 Years After It Was Made, The ‘World’s Oldest Hamburger’ Looks Like It Hasn’t Aged A Day



Ba-da-ba-ba-ba I’m wary of it.


Gang Leader Fathered 5 Children With 4 Female Prison Guards



Prisoner Level 99


72,000 Ladybugs Released Into Mall Of America On Earth Day



I think it was a viral promotion for the Criterion Collection release of Ladybugs.


25 Photos You Really Need To Look At To Understand



Sadly, that is not a boob.


That’s all for this deported edition of The Big List.


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