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CES 2014: The Girls of CES

There are dozens of extremely attactive ladies paid to help promote some of the big-name products on display at CES. Here are a few of those ladies.


Booth babe…

Yeah, we don't really like the term either…

I mean, yes, many of the women hired to technically staff Consumer Electronics Show booths aren't required to have deep understanding of the client's brand or their products.  And yes, they can, for the most part, be objectively classified as babes.  But it's all a little too pejorative and derogatory, don't you think?

Brands hire attractive women for trade shows like CES to do what they do so well — attract attention to the booth and, hopefully, to their brand.

And don't they accomplish that task?  And accomplish it well?  Money well spent for a smart brand, we'd say…

So, let's all lay off the stereotypes of the booth babe…and instead enjoy a gallery of some of the most attractive ladies being paid to shill for clients at CES 2014! 

You're welcome…



The Hottest Girls of CES 2014


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