10 Gym Bag Essentials

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You go to the gym for a combination of three reasons: to improve your health, mood, and look. But even if you leave the gym with abs like a washboard, odds are that your appearance could still use some cleaning up. (Sweaty skin, anyone?)
That’s why we’ve compiled the top ten products that’ll make you look as good as you feel. Throw ’em in your gym bag and you’ll never stress about greasy hair and body odor again. So you won’t need to worry about scaring away the hot woman panting on the treadmill next to you.

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You don’t exactly want to be the gym germaphobe who washes his hands after every set, but let’s face it, sometimes the guy who used the bench press before you doesn’t look like the type who washes his hands much. You’ve seen Contagion, so keep these disinfecting towelettes on-hand just in case ($15, 3floz.com).

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Pain-relieving cream
This cream from Jack Black is enriched with menthol to relieve tension and ease muscle and joint pain ($14 for 2oz, getjackblack.com). Use it before you exercise to enhance your performance or after your workout to speed recovery.

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Body spray
Leave the gym smelling more energized than you feel. Try the latest body spray from AXE, Anarchy for Him, which has top notes of apple and pomegranate, along with subtle hints of sandalwood and white amber ($5, drugstores nationwide).

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Hey toughguy, did heavy deadlifts give you blisters? These Help Remedies bandages have hydrocolloid-used to sooth burns and ulcers-which heals wounds and prevents infections ($4.50, 3floz.com).

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2-in-1 Wash
Avoid carrying your entire medicine cabinet in your bag with the right double-duty products. This Diptyque shower gel can be used on your body and hair ($38, diptyqueparis.com). And with subtle citrus notes, you’ll feel (and smell) refreshed from head to toe.

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After a hard workout, your pores are loaded with acne-inducing oil. Use an astringent-like these astringent toner pads from Anthony Logistics-to remove dirt, oil, dead skin, and even remaining cleanser ($21, anthony.com). Even better, the easy-to-use pads make it simple to clear your pores on the go.

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You know you need deodorant before and after you work out, but if you’re like most guys, you pick up any ol’ stick at the drug store. Opt for this purifying deodorant from L’Occitane instead, which has lemon, cardamom, and eucalyptus for a fresh feel with a natural scent ($16, usa.loccitane.com).

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Oil-Absorbing Pads
Your hard work at the gym should show in your rock hard body, not your glistening skin. Use these fragrance-free Tatcha blotting pads to eliminate shine ($12, 3floz.com). Breaking a sweat never looked so smooth.

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Redness-Reducing Face Wash
Your post workout glow shouldn’t include acne. Use this oil-free wash from Neutrogena, which has aloe and chamomile to sooth your skin, and salicylic acid to prevent sweat-induced breakouts ($8, neutrogena.com).

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Flip Flops
Locker room foot fungus is never in fashion. Need we say more? ($18, us.havaianas.com)

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