The Infamous Exploding Whale Video

Things didn't go as planned.

cory-jonesby cory-jones

You’ve heard about the “exploding whale” video. The backstory here is simple for those of you who haven’t. A 45-foot sperm whale washed up on a Florence, Ore. beach a few years ago and the “authorities” thought the only way to get it off the beach was to pack it with a few sticks of dynamite and blow it to smithereens, leaving just a few bits of whale parts that the dutiful seagulls would clean up.

Things didn’t go exactly as planned. Yes, they blew the whale up with dyanamite, but most of it was left, and giant chunks flew so high into the air, they demolished car wind shields when they came down. Luckily, a brilliant news crew was there to catch the whole thing on video.