World’s Worst Criminal Holds Up Cop in Police Station

We have a new title holder.

cory-jonesby cory-jones

It takes a lot to earn the moniker “World’s Worst Criminal” these days, but 18-year-old Keithan Manuel appears to be the new title holder.

According to KTVT-TV, Manuel walked into a Wilmer, Texas police station with a white towel over his hands and told the officer at the dispatch window to “give him all her money.”

The dispatcher, Patricia Hughey, just laughed it off. Because, honestly, who would try to rob a police station?

Perhaps sensing that he hadn’t thought his plan all the way through, Manuel quickly changed his story and tried to play his demands for money off by saying he was asking about a warrant instead.

“He said he’d like to check on a warrant,” said Police Chief Victor Kemp. “He gave a different name and after a few moments of maybe playing it off he said ‘you do know I have a gun.’ At that point he seemed to be very serious.”

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That’s when the Hughey realized that Manuel wasn’t joking and notified other officers that there was a situation, and they took Manuel down at gunpoint with no shots fired.

When asked about the incident, Manuel tried to play it off like telling someone you have a gun and demanding their money is a hilarious joke.

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According to Manuel, “I didn’t say nothing like that. I swear to God, I didn’t say nothing like that. That’s why they didn’t find no guns on me. Man, I play like that all the time. I didn’t think she would take it seriously.”

Police Chief Kemp added, “This young man wasn’t using his head for sure,” he said. “You hear of those World’s Dumbest Criminals every once in a while, but you never think it’s going to happen in your city.”

See a local news affiliate’s video on Manuel’s story:

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