Jeffrey Dahmer Creepy Yearbook Note Update

A new yearbook note is revealed

cory-jonesby cory-jones

Earlier this week, we posted an image of a note written by Jeffrey Dahmer in a 1978 high school yearbook. Since then, more images have surfaced from other yearbooks that include notes from one of the most notorious serial killers in American history. Below is a new note that Dahmer wrote to a friend in a 1977 Reverie High School yearbook:

These yearbooks were found by the son of the man who was a friend of Dahmer’s throughout high school. According to the son:

“Jeff Dahmer’s signature and Junior yearbook entry in what appears to be a drastic change of style from his Freshman year. My father’s explanation is that Jeff was a heavy druggie and alcoholic by this point. Notice the little drawing he included…don’t do drugs guys, see what happens?”

At this point, Jeffrey Dahmer was getting into drugs and alcohol and it’s clear that his handwriting and general demeanor has changed when you compare it to his previous yearbook note.

It was previously reported that this message was written in 1978, but a correction has been made. It was actually from Dahmer’s ninth-grade yearbook in 1975.

And also included is an image of Jeffrey Dahmer’s junior-year yearbook photo.

Dahmer’s killing spree would begin in 1978, one year after this photo was taken, and would end in 1991 with his arrest. What was once a high-school kid who signed messages with “party hardy” would go on to commit unspeakable crimes of murder and cannibalism.