New, Healthy Pizza Can Be Eaten All the Time

Pizza party! All day long!

Gary Dudakby Gary Dudak

For all of you pizza lovers out there who claim you could eat it at every meal, you may now get your chance to do so and not suffer any negative health effects. As reported by Gizmodo, a scientist has created a pizza that he claims is so healthy and balanced nutritionally, it is OK to eat every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Professor Mike Lean of the University of Glasgow is a nutrition expert who was tired of seeing so many unhealthy and unbalanced meals being sold in supermarkets across Scotland. So he teamed up with businessman Donnie Maclean to create a nutrient-rich pizza that can be a considered a complete meal and be enjoyed all day long.

Each pizza contains 30 percent of an adult’s guideline amount of vitamins, minerals, calories, protein and carbohydrates. Lean used market research to discover ways to lower salt in his product and boost nutrients, mainly by incorporating seaweed. He also uses red pepper in the tomato base to give the pizza more vitamin C, and found other innovative ways to add important vitamins.

Lean stated, “We focused on pizza being a lunch or a dinner option. Each pizza gives a complete meal, with all the nutrients in it, for 30 percent of your day” (BBC News). So while he intends for it to simply be one healthy meal choice for your day, he also later explained that it could be eaten three times daily and not result in any health problems.

According to Lean, 100 taste testers said his pizza was just as good if not better than frozen pizzas available to them in the market, although it costs slightly more than frozen pizzas. The healthy pizzas will be available in British supermarkets later this year, with a standard margherita and a venison-topped version available at launch.

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