This Is Why Guns N’ Roses Was the Greatest Rock Band Ever

The greatest quote about being a rock star

cory-jonesby cory-jones

Guns N’ Roses’ epic album “Appetite for Destruction” turns 25 on July 21. And while looking at a bloated and braided Axl Rose trot around onstage trying to relive past glories is more depressing than impressive, there was a time when his band was the epitome of rock and fucking roll.

You need to look no further for proof of that than this 1987 quote from Slash. It pretty much sums up what being a rock band in the late ’80s was like.

“You get warned that when you go on the road that people will try to push shit on you, drugs and booze. They should be more worried that we’re gonna push shit on them. Me and Duff, man, we had been in this drinking phase for two years now. When we get up in the afternoon to do the sound check, we drink so much because our hands are shaking like fucking windmills. So what happens? We drink some more until we’re fine, and we wake up the next day with the same fuckin’ floozie, and you don’t know her fuckin’ name, and you’ve got some weird fuckin’ shit oozing out of your dick, and your bed’s all wet from pissing in it, and you go [to the floozie] ‘Will you do me a favor and find me some booze and a fuckin’ pizza?'”