Filipinos Literally Crucify Themselves to Prove Their Faith

This makes paying for your sins a little too costly.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

If you think spending extended time with your drunk Aunt Rosemarie during Christmas can be excruciatingly painful, just be thankful you don’t celebrate Holy Week in the Philippines.

In Cutud, Pampanga, they take their religious reenactments very seriously. Hardcore devotees start by whipping themselves for their sins for hours on end. Then the real fun begins. Using real nails, participants are nailed to crosses and raised to bake under the oppressive heat of the sun. When the ritual is finished, participants are immediately brought down from their perches and delivered to an on-site clinic to make sure no one was harmed during the process.

The Catholic Church does not approve of this tradition, going so far as to distance themselves from the event and calling it a mistrepresentation of their religion. But participants remain firm in their dedication, claiming that the practice teaches valuable lessons about sacrifice.

Via Weird Asian News