The ‘Stop Weed Smoking’ Facebook Page Is Really Upsetting the Idiots Who Don’t Know It’s Fake

A look at the hilarious Facebook page that some people are just too dumb to realize is a joke.

Rob Feeby Rob Fee

If you read my OK Cupid article where I pretended to be an attractive, yet incredibly horrible girl on a dating site in order to bait unsuspecting guys with no standards, you would know I’m no stranger to Internet trolling. Well, I may have met my match. The other day I logged into my Facebook account and began scrolling through my news feed when I noticed a bizarre picture that caught my attention. Just take a moment and read this “testimony.”

After sending it to every friend I could think of and sharing it on my own page, I began to read through the 15,000+ comments on the photo. I assumed it would just be people laughing at the story, but, boy, was I wrong. It was full of stoners and what are apparently the most gullible people on the Internet arguing the logistics and science behind a photo where the author claims to have been born three months after his mother died.

I followed the link back to its original page and discovered what may be my favorite Facebook troll ever pulled off. Stop Weed Smoking, which has accumulated over 55,000 ‘Likes’ since its creation on December 13, features a profile picture of a middle-aged mom who is on a mission to eliminate marijuana use, or as she calls it, the “devil’s lettuce.” Here are a few examples of her protests:

As hilarious and absurd as these posts are, the number of serious replies is truly astounding. For every person who gets the joke and is there for entertainment, you have 10 who are there to debate whether or not her son actually went into a coma after taking a single puff of marijuana. You really have to go see it for yourself, but here’s a fraction of what’s in store for you:

That’s right, outrage and fury over some of the most ridiculous statements you’ll ever read. And just to make sure we’re all absolutely clear how absurd these posts truly are, here’s another gem:

So, if you haven’t already, go check out STOP WEED SMOKING, but be prepared to follow this rabbit hole of gullibility for the next several hours.