Insane Video of Meteorite Exploding Over Russia

In Russia, meteor explodes over you.

cory-jonesby cory-jones

Thank God for Russia’s dashcams (seriously, do their cars come from the factory with these things installed?) This video shows a giant meteorite exploding over the sky in Chelyabinsk, Russia near the Ural mountains. Reports form the AP have indicated that their may be some injuries from broken glass and some damage to buildings while cell phones stopped working.

People near this event said it was so loud it resembled thunder and an earthquake at the same time. So, basically one uproarious Yakov Smirnoff show.

Conspiracy theorists have already posited that this is not a meteor but some sort of military warplane or alien landing. We’re going to go ahead and assume that this is just a meteorite.

But easily the second best part of this video is that the guy driving this car doesn’t seem fazed at all, despite nearly being taken out by a giant space rock. He just keeps cruising around, listening to crappy techno music and being very, very Russian.

via USAToday