Current Day Raps By Has-Been Rappers

We've uncovered some updated lyrics from the ghost of rappers past.

Rob Feeby Rob Fee

Remember all of those great hip-hop songs from the late ’90s and early 2000s? Do you ever wonder what happened to all of those promising young artists who seemed to have their whole career in front of them? Well, they’re probably all broke now and desperate for money! That’s why now would be a perfect time for these fallen stars to reunite and create an honest, transparent album about their current living situations … but in the style of their past successes. Here are just a few samples of what could be created:

Chingy (sung to the tune of “Holidae Inn”):

Ying Yang Twins (sung to the tune of “Wait (The Whisper Song)”):

Nelly (sung to the tune of “Hot in Herre”):

Bell Biv DeVoe (sung to the tune of “Poison”):