Rejected Doritos Flavors

We can't imagine why these Doritos flavors never took off. They're genius.

Rob Feeby Rob Fee
doritos nacho cheese

Is there anyone who doesn’t love the delicious taste of Doritos? That nacho cheese flavor is second to none and don’t even get me started on cool ranch. Wowza! As with any road to success there were quite a few failures along the way. Let’s take a look at a few of the flavors that didn’t go over as well as the classics.

doritos cool blanche golden girls

During the peak of “The Golden Girls” popularity it seemed that everything they touched would turn to gold. Unfortunately this tribute to the classic character did not take off during its debut in 2007.

doritos ruffalo wings mark ruffalo

I love Mark Ruffalo as much as the next guy but for some reason his face did not put customers in the mood to purchase buffalo flavored potato chips. I guess there’s something he CAN’T do, right?

doritos spicy sweet kids

This one was pulled pretty much immediately because customers were alarmed that the chips were actually made of children. The other group thought the chips were for kids which resulted in many tiny mouths being severally burned with the spicy chili flavor.

doritos nelly bandaid

Doritos attempted to cross over into the hip-hop market in 2002 by offering a free bag of chips if you found a band-aid in your bag. Unfortunately most people aren’t excited to find band-aids in something they’re eating.

doritos cooler ranch

After the success of Cool Ranch, Doritos attempted to take it a step further and release COOLER Ranch Doritos by giving the bag a tribal tattoo and having the chips smoke cigarettes. Needless to say, it was not well received.

doritos spicy sweet chili Thich Quang Duc

While everyone loves to know how spicy their food is going to be, this was probably not the most appropriate artwork to portray that spiciness. This bag was pulled almost immediately.

doritos manti te'o

Capitalizing on a big news story is great, but the Manti Te’o bag of Doritos did not work. Especially since it was empty. You were supposed to think you had chips but turns out you did not. I don’t know what the Doritos people were thinking to be honest.

doritos dom deluise

The thought of peeking into the life of a celebrity sounds like a great idea. That is, until you realize the celebrity is Dom DeLuise and the “peek” you’re getting is the realization that he ate a bag of taco flavored chips for just about every meal. It was sad and depressing. It’s also the only flavor to sell zero bags.