Ask a Girl: Body Spray or Cologne?

The ladies at Styelist let us know which they prefer and why.

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Our friends over at StyleList want to help you out. So, instead of just assuming you know everything a woman desires, why don’t you listen to the editors at the premiere fashion site on the Web and make sure you are doing the right thing when it comes to the opposite sex?

This week: The old body spray or cologne debate.

Body spray vs. cologne? What’s your preference? How much is too much? And which do you recommend?

First things first – less is always more. Whether you are a die-hard body spray fan or cologne connoisseur, always use less than you think you should.

Now that we have that out of the way, we have to admit that we prefer cologne to the ever-popular body sprays. When compared to body spray, cologne is more mature (major points with the ladies), smells better, is safer to use and more economical. Wins across the board.

Body spray leaves too much room for “more” – aka, error. It’s just so tempting to keep spraying, and we can relate to the feeling. (Have you see us put on hairspray before?) With cologne, all you need is a spray or two and you are good to go. The scents are so highly concentrated that they are intended to be used sparingly. There is nothing worse than being the guy at the bar that can be smelled a mile away. Stick with cologne, and not only will you smell great, but you’ll also be saving money by spraying less with each use.

Our favorite brands: Creed and Ralph Lauren. If you’re looking to make the investment, go with Creed’s Silver Mountain Water or Green Irish Tweed. Both smell masculine and woodsy and are named after the outdoors: How could you not be into it? If you’d like to spend a little less but still make the dive into the cologne world, try Ralph Lauren’s Polo Blue. It’s a classic scent from a trusted brand, smells fresh and clean, and price points start around $48.

Still on the fence about cologne and body spray? Stick with a great soap; in particular, Irish Spring. It’s cheap, easy, smells awesome and won’t overpower you, your clothes or how good your girlfriend smells.