The End of Men Is Coming

It's the end of times for men.

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Scientist Says Men Will Be Extinct In 5 Million Years

Sure, it won’t be you who sees the male species go extinct, but the process of man’s ultimate demise has already started and it’s only a matter of time before women will be roaming the globe without us.

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Professor Jenny Graves, one of Australia’s leading scientists, believes that women will ultimately outlast men in the battle of the sexes. Graves bases her prediction on the knowledge that the male sex chromosome, the Y chromosome, suffers from an inherent fragility.

The number of genes found in the female chromosome, the X chromosome, is around 1,000. And women have two of those. On the other hand, the Y chromosome, which used to have the same number of genes, has now diminished over time to hold barely 100 genes.

What’s worse, since men only have one Y chromosome, losses can’t be repaired the way they are in women, who’s two X chromosome’s serve as back-ups for each other to patch-up problems. Once the Y chromosome starts to break down in men it begins what Graves calls, “a downward spiral.” Graves goes on to call the remaining genes in the Y chromosome “mostly junk” as a result of “dumb design.”

Now before you go drafting your will and leaving everything to the women in your life, please note: it will take over 5 million years for the total extinction of men to pan out the way Professor Graves has outlined. Also, the Y chromosome loses genes in bursts and hasn’t lost any in over 25 million years.

With so much time still on men’s sides, it’s very likely that science will be able to produce a solution to this problem before it becomes too big of a deal. So sorry to all of you wives, girlfriends and mothers out there, looks like you’ll be stuck with us for a little bit longer.

Via The Daily Mail

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