Stripper Posts A Photo of The Whopping $3,345 She Made In A Single Day

You're going to want to quit you job and start taking your clothes off for money.

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The latest image to take the internet by storm is picture of something that everyone really enjoys. No, it’s not a cat in a captain hat. It’s money. A whole bunch of money. And while a picture of money itself isn’t super interesting, the story behind the cash is what has everyone talking.

money stripper made in one day

Just to the left of the impressive spread of Benjamins and Jacksons is a garter to show everyone that this photo was taken by a stripper who wanted the world to see what she made on the job in a single day. The final tally for her 15 ½ hour day was a whopping $3,345.

The woman who posted the picture goes by the username Menagerii (see her photo below) and accompanied it with the headline: “From now on when people ask me why I’m a stripper, I’m just going to show them this picture (one day of work- 11:30am to 3am).”

Since her post took off, she has been answering question after question from commenters and has revealed that she is just stripping to pay her way through school like every single other stripper you’ve ever gotten a lap dance from. She also took the time to caution everyone from immediately tearing off their clothes and heading on down to their local Bob’s Busty Ballroom to audition. The $3,345 isn’t common for just any typical shift.

She warns that there is no hourly pay and strippers actually have to pay the club to work there. The house fee is 45 dollars per shift and then she tips 10 percent to the DJ at the end of the night. She mentions that she regularly makes anywhere between $500-$1500 a night.

Obviously that is nothing to scoff at and I would love to continue tell you more about this story but I’ve decided to quit my job and start stripping.

via Gawker and Reddit

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