Playboy’s 1979 ‘Roller Disco & Pajama Party’ Is Still Better Than Any Party You’ve Been To

Times sure have changed (Thankfully).

max-millerby max-miller

This clip from a Playboy television special in 1979 will either make you nostalgic (which means you’re too old) or wonder why the soundtrack isn’t all Dubstep (which means you’re too young). Either way, we can all agree we’re glad it’s not 1979 anymore. Then again, even though the graphics, music, bathing suits, and hairstyles are absolutely ridiculous when you look back now, this party is still way better than any party you’ve ever been to. Where else can you go to see a ventriloquist chatting up playmates with his creepy puppet in a pool (5:29) or James Caan wearing a belt buckle the size of his head while he plays with squirrels and a dog (5:42)?

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