Man Receives Threatening Sex Toy in the Mail From Tractor Supply Company

Probably not the best customer service tactic.

paul-ulaneby paul-ulane

We’ve all had confrontations with store owners. Sometimes things get ugly. Things are said that cannot be taken back. But usually once the shouting dies down, cooler heads prevail and everyone goes about their business.

That was not the case with Ralph Polnicky of Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Polnicky got into a dispute with the Tractor Supply store in Shawnee over some parts. He claims the store did not order the product he needed in a timely enough fashion. The store begged to differ. An “ugly” confrontation ensued, ending in Polnicky leaving the tractor supply store while an employee screamed “Don’t come back!” at him.

Four months later, things got weird.

It was then that Polnicky received a rubber replica of a penis scribbled with threats. “Ralph is a dick!! From [redacted] at Tractor Supply” and “Don’t come back” on the other side. Polnicky opened the package in front of his wife, who he says has been “terrorized” by the incident.

The store where the confrontation took place forwarded requests for comment to Tractor Supply’s corporate headquarters in Tennessee. An official statement from the company read in part “… our thorough investigation provided no basis to conclude that a Tractor Supply Company team member is responsible for this unfortunate situation.”

While it’s not a crime to send someone a sex toy, it can lead to a civil suit on the basis of emotional damages.

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