Ask A Girl: Do Women Judge You By Your Car?

Better get rid of that lemon...

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Our friends over at StyleList want to help you out. So, instead of just assuming you know everything a woman desires, why don’t you listen to the editors at the premier fashion site on the Web and make sure you are doing the right thing when it comes to the opposite sex? This week: What your car says about you.

Do woman really judge us on what car we drive?

The easy answer should be no, but after taking a quick poll of the office, it actually does matter to most women. Whether you’re driving your grandpa’s old pickup or a brand new Mercedes, women will take note. A man’s car (clean vs. dirty, old vs. new) is an extension of themselves and can tell us a lot. It’s not a deal breaker in any relationship (phew), but where we definitively draw the line is the type of men who obsess over a piece of metal with four wheels. NOTE: When your Facebook profile page has more photos of your car than your girlfriend? “Houston we have a problem.”

Ellen: “It feels superficial saying this, but I definitely judge a guy by his car. Even if you have to buy a used Audi or BMW, it shows you have good taste and good style. Although those qualities aren’t necessarily deal breakers for me, they do show that you and I may have similar interests, which is always a plus. I would never date a guy based on the car he drives, but driving a nice one certainly doesn’t hurt. So, yeah, I’m judging you.”

Logan: “If a guy has a nice car and takes good care of it, that can speak volumes. I grew up with a brother who has a car obsession, so, yes – I do judge a little. Just don’t get a ridiculous color if you want me to see you as a grown-up, keep it clean, and if the engine is wheezing instead of revving, it’s got to go.”

Jane: “I really don’t care about my boyfriend’s car. He’s borderline obsessed with it, but compared to some of his friends, he’s tame. To me, the type of car isn’t important; it’s how he takes care of it. If a man takes care of his car like a newborn, maybe that means he’ll actually take care of me (slash a newborn) with the same precision and carefulness. Who cares if it’s old …. is it clean? That’s what I care about.”