You Can Buy This Rundown Biblical Theme Park For A Mere $350,000!

Holy Holy Land, Batman!

max-millerby max-miller

Decaying Biblical Theme Park For Sale
If you have ever wanted to own a rundown amusement park with a biblical theme and happen to have a spare $350,000 laying around, then your prayers have been answered!

Holy Land USA in Waterbury, Connecticut opened its heavenly gates to the public in the late 1950s and had a pretty popular run through the 60s and 70s before being shut down for renovations in 1984. However, a short while after, Holy Land USA founder, John Baptist Greco was called to the Great Theme Park in the sky and the attraction has since become a little less holy.

The park, which was originally listed at $775,000, has seen its price drop dramatically, so if you’ve always wanted to live on a giant plot of land that contains homages to Bethlehem, Jerusalem, the Garden of Eden, and a giant 56 foot high cross, now’s your chance. Oh, and a murder took place there in 2010, but you should probably just go ahead and ignore that completely while you’re searching for your checkbook. Here, take a look at these beautiful images of the scenery you could soon be surrounded by and just try to tell us it’s not the location you’ve always pictured for your dream home:
holy land usa, biblical theme park
holy land usa, biblical theme parkholy land usa, biblical theme parkholy land usa, biblical theme parkholy land usa, biblical theme park
via Daily Mail (U.K.)