Ask A Girl: How Do You Like Your Man’s Bathing Suit Length?

Let the girls school you on your beach attire.

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Our friends over at StyleList want to help you out. So, instead of just assuming you know everything a woman desires, why don’t you listen to the editors at the premier fashion site on the Web and make sure you are doing the right thing when it comes to the opposite sex? This week: Bathing suit length!

How do you like your man’s bathing suit length: Above the knee, at the knee, or below the knee?

Summer is the perfect time for sun bathing on the beach, boogie boarding in the ocean, and relaxing with friends. For men, picking the right bathing suit doesn’t need to be difficult. From varying lengths, patterns, and materials, there’s a lot to choose from.

Swimwear length is important, but nothing to lose sleep over.

If you’re active on the beach (aka, really into beach volleyball), we suggest you go with an “at the knee” suit. This will allow you the freedom to run around in the sand without worrying you’ll — A: Trip on your own swimsuit or B: Show a little more than you anticipated.

If you’re the type of man who is OK showing off a little more thigh while sunbathing (you probably like sunbathing ALOT), then we suggest an “above the knee” suit. Just be careful, there is a fine line here between “above the knee” and “above the thigh”!

“Below the knee” suits serve little purpose. While some basketball shorts are similarly designed, we suggest you leave the “below the knee suits” on the court. Plus, if you’re looking to soak in the summer rays, this suit will give you little room for a suntan.

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