An Interview with Mae Whitman, Ann from ‘Arrested Development’

Get to know actress Mae Whitman.

Rob Feeby Rob Fee

Her? Yes her. I asked Mae Whitman, who plays Ann on “Arrested Development,” 12 fun questions about her role on the show and what else this crazy girl is up to.
mae whitman, ann from arrested development
1. Was it difficult to resurrect your character Ann for the new season of Arrested Development?

Not difficult so much as fun. I guess the only challenge was that I had way more to say and do this time than last time; it was an interesting process getting deeper into Ann’s brain. Usually she just sort of sits there like a lumpy lil egg, but this time she has wants and needs and a whole little manipulative infrastructure.

2. Do you have any similarities at all to Ann?

We look very similar! Haha. Let’s see…she’s sort of lazy and doesn’t have a lot going on. I have days like that. But she likes eggs more than I do. Oh, and we’re both sort of perverts.

3. Have you had any bizarre requests or questions from fans who see you out in public?

Not really! Everyone’s pretty relaxed and cool. I usually make the Ann Veal bland face when I take pictures with people, though. I feel really good about it at the time and then I see pictures and I’m like, wow that’s unattractive!

4. Are you close with any of the cast outside of shooting?

Yeah! We all have a really good cast I’d say. There isn’t a dud amongst the group. Everyone is so goddamned talented and funny and kind and great in different ways. Will and I became close during shooting, Alia has been my best friend since childhood, and Michael’s like my brother kinda.

5. What was your favorite scene to shoot for season four?

I’d have to say the scene after Gob and Ann’s special evening together and Ann is making eggs and Gob has one of his “should-uh should” freak outs but he has it for like 4 minutes straight. That is one of my favorite jokes in the world anyway, so to be able to be standing there watching it while he’s looking into my eyes was a gift from God for sure.

6. Would you be open to doing an AD movie if it gets made?

Hell yeah. I’ll follow Mitch Hurwitz to the ends of the earth.

7. How do you hope things end up for Ann?

It’s hard to tell what she would even want out of life. I think ultimately she might be pretty cool secretly. And she’s got that cute son now. Maybe they move to like Puerto Rico and she becomes an artist or some shit. Or maybe she starts dating Stan Sitwell, he’s a pretty cool dude.

8. Were there any difficulties or frustrations shooting the new season?

No. It was definitely a whirlwind because we were shooting a lot of complicated stuff very fast, and sometimes it was hard to learn lines because there was a lot of adding jokes and changing things, but it was fun.

9. Who are some of your favorite accounts on Twitter?

Too hard to choose. Rob Delaney and all my comedian friends, Lauren Graham and all my “Parenthood” friends, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and all my Brit friends, DVSblast and LAKUTIS and all my rap friends. Oh, and my friend Evan @evansgate – he wrote me this birthday poem on Twitter:

@EvansGate: A cold dark night
A cloudy day
I check my phone
I kneel and pray
My love is just a FAV away

10. What are a few of your favorite movies?

Tough question. “Back to the Future?” “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Anything that has to do with spies like Bourne, anything that has to do with Matt Damon like Bourne.

11. What will you be working on next?

I’m doing a fun cameo in my friend’s movie that I’m on the plane on my way to shoot. Other than that, doing all my wonderful cartoon gigs like TMNT and Tinkerbell and others. Doing some rap/singing stuff with my best friend/roommate Miles, who plays Drew on “Parenthood.” We are known as Miles and Baby. Or Baby and Miles. So we’ll make some videos and do that stuff soon. Then looking forward to making more memories with season five of “Parenthood!”

12. There’s a rumor of two “Independence Day” sequels. Any chance of you reprising your role as Bill Paxton, Jr.?

I hope you’re joking when you say Bill Paxton. How dare you!!!! And yes, I would also follow Bill PULLMAN to the end of the earth. Seriously though, they better bring me back.