Exclusive First Photo of the Royal Baby

The very first photo of Kate Middleton's royal baby.

cory-jonesby cory-jones

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As you have probably heard by now, Kate Middleton has given birth to the future king or queen of the all-powerful British Empire. Or something like that. But in an exclusive scoop, Mandatory has gotten the very first photo of the royal couple’s first child. Believe us, this was a very difficult photo to get our hands on. Our crack staff of royal insiders managed to get this photo of the world’s most talked-about newborn before anyone else (and actually before it was born, which made it doubly difficult). And as you can see, it’s a real looker, too. (We have to refer to it as “it” because our insiders we not able to decipher whether the little tyke was a boy or a girl. We can only do so much.)

We don’t exactly know the name of this little newborn just yet, but as you can see, it really looks a lot like what we assume everyone in Britain looks like all the time.