The ‘Breaking Bad’ Drinking Game

Add even more enjoyment to your "Breaking Bad" binge.

Rob Feeby Rob Fee

The time is near, fellow “Breaking Bad” fans. We are mere days away from the August 11 premiere and the final eight episodes of one of the greatest shows of all time. That’s a cause for celebration if we’ve ever heard of breaking bad walt and jesse, hazmat suits, drinking beersone, and there is no better and more efficient way to celebrate than with a drinking game that both honors the show you love, and gets you really drunk. So whether you are still catching up on episodes from the first five seasons or are having friends over for Sunday’s premiere, make sure this “Breaking Bad” drinking game is in the mix.


– Someone says “Heisenberg”
– Saul Goodman asks for money
– A customer stops by Walt’s car washbreaking bad hank
– Jesse buys a lavish, unnecessary item for himself
– A drug dealer gets murdered
– Hank is wearing a Panama Jack-styled shirt
– Walt Jr. insists on being called a new name
– Skyler is wearing something blue
– Someone is wearing a hazmat suit
– Walt gets a new car
– Someone says “meth”
– A commercial for “The Walking Dead” comes on


– A major character is shot but not killed
– Marie asks Hank about his health
– Skyler starts to cry
– Walt tells a liebreaking bad walt and skyler, breaking bad money
– There is a flashback involving Gale Boetticher
– Someone threatens Saul Goodman with physical harm
– A large amount of money is shown on screen
– Walt explains something about chemistry we don’t understand
– Jesse gets yelled at
– Some form of money laundering occurs
– Vince Gilligan’s name appears on screen
– Someone at your “Breaking Bad” party gets a phone call and says, “I’ll have to call you back, I’m watching ‘Breaking Bad'”


– Someone in the room asks, “What do I know that guy from?” in reference to Saul Goodman
– Marie has a drink that would normally be served on a cruise ship
– Skyler says something really annoyingbreaking bad saul, saul goodman
– Someone gets half of his or her face blown off
– Walt looks like a member of a ska band
– Walt and Skyler seem to have forgotten they have a baby
– Jesse says he wants out
– Jesse says “bitch”
– Badger gets yelled at for no reason
– Walt Jr. gets upset and storms out of the room to the best of his ability
– Hank says something mildly racist
– Someone watching “Breaking Bad” with you gives you their theory on how the show is going to end

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