I’m with Phil: 20 Men Band Together To Help Rebuild A City

Phil Campbells banding together to help Phil Campbell.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors

Phil Campbell is a person, a town and the center of a heart-warming documentary. Let us explain. In 2011, a New York-based writer named Phil Campbell decided to round up all of the other people he could find named Phil Campbell. The goal: celebrate the 100th anniversary of a small Alabama town by the name of Phil Campbell.

Then tragedy struck. As the 100th anniversary celebration drew near, a tornado hit the city of Phil Campbell. The storm ripped through the town, leaving a 12-mile long, half a mile wide wake of destruction, killing 27 people. Instead of celebrating their town, the residents of Phil Campbell were left looking for a way to rebuild.

Now all of the Phil Campbells originally assembled for a fun project have decided to band together to help rebuild the town of their namesake. “I’m With Phil” is a documentary that follows the many different Phil Campbells from around the globe — in addition to New York, there are Phil Campbells from Australia, Jamaica and just about every other corner of the world you can think of — in their quest to help return a sense of normalcy to the town ravaged by a tornado.

The story is not over yet for “I’m With Phil,” but it is off to an inspiring start. For more information on the project, click here.