All Bad Things Must Come to an End: Our ‘Breaking Bad’ Predictions

Our predictions for Breaking Bad's final episodes.

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How is Breaking Bad going to end? Is Walt going to kill Jesse? Is Jesse going to kill Todd? Is Holly going to kill Walt Jr.? We have no idea, but we do have lots of opinions and guesses about how one of our favorite shows is going to pull down its final curtain. We asked our editors and writers to give us their predictions for the final episodes of “Breaking Bad.” What do you think?

Jesse Kills Walt – Cory Jones
I feel like this is the most obvious way this series ends. It might be too obvious, but I’m going with that prediction anyway. Now that catatonic Jesse has been busted by Hank, I’m guessing Walt will see Jesse as a liability and will try to take him out. But this series has to end with all of Walt’s actions catching up with him, right? (Right?) And who better to finally take him down than Jesse? We’ve seen a bit of foreshadowing of this when Walt dropped the bag of money off at Jesse’s house.

Jesse Kills Todd – Max Miller
Jesse is seeking forgiveness for the murder of Drew Sharp, something he feels responsible for even though he wasn’t the one to actually pull the trigger. What better way to ease some of that burden than by taking out the monster who didn’t even think twice about shooting an innocent child?

Walt Takes the Ricin Himself – Gary Dudak
For whatever reason, Walt has a trunk full of guns and ammo. He is going to war soon. Yet, he stops and grabs the ricin. He is not going to make a quick stop on the way to pick off someone personally. The ricin is for himself. If he doesn’t get killed in this upcoming battle, taking the ricin assures he will not go to jail if he is captured, and will put an end to the suffering he is going through with his cancer.

Walt Has Todd’s Family Killed in a Brutal Bloodbath – Paul Ulane
At this point it’s clear that Walt will kill anyone for any reason. Once he finds out that Todd can barely get to 75 percent purity, Walt starts thinking with his ridiculously inflated ego. In order to protect the reputation of that blue stuff, he vies to take back over the cooking operation. When Todd and family balk, Walt gets rid of Todd’s protection in a brutal mass murder. This all leads to …

Todd Kills Everybody (Politely) – Paul Ulane
The mouth-breathing Todd throws the entire series arc on its side when he pulls off an elaborate plan to take down Walt, Lydia, Jesse and everyone else in his way of becoming the meth king of Albuquerque. Remember, no one figured out Verbal Kint was Keyser Soze until it was too late. Don’t get caught off guard again.

Everyone is Going to Die – Rob Fee
Walt will kill Jesse to cover his tracks. Skyler will kill Marie in a rage. Hank will shoot Skyler when he finds her over Marie’s body. Lydia will have Walt’s kids killed by Todd because he refuses to go back into the business (and we know Todd will kill a kid). Finally, Walt and Hank will face off in Walt’s abandoned house, have a shootout, and die side by side.

Skyler Will Kill Hank – Matt Branham
Everybody is expecting Walt to do the dirty work, but Skyler has made her choices and now Hank’s backing her in a corner. She has shown recently that she can be a badass, and it’s about to go up a notch.

Jesse Will Point a Gun at Walt as the Show Cuts to Black – Cory Dudak
The show can only end with a Jesse/Walt showdown. It’s what everyone wants. However, Jesse’s got a score to settle with Hank, as well. And the time for that is now, seeing as how Hank needs him to take down Walt. So, Jesse will assist Agent Schrader in first apprehending Todd and company, but will actually help Walt escape once Hank finally has him cornered (which I’m assuming is the situation in the flash forward). This will leave Hank’s career in shambles, and Jesse and Walt on the run. Of course, gaining Walt’s confidence was all part of Jesse’s plan to finally get him alone, so he can reveal that he knows Walt was in the bedroom when Jane died. Since he was high, he never wanted to believe it was true, but due to recent events, he’s finally accepted that Walt was entirely capable of letting her die right in front of his eyes. Jesse aims the gun at Walt’s head, in the same style as the Gale scene at the end of season 3. Does he pull the trigger? That’s what we’re left to ponder as it cuts to black.

The New Drug Dealers Kill Holly – Cory Jones
Nothing ratchets up the drama like a murdered baby. We’re not sure yet what sets Walt off with his new beard and giant gun in the trunk of his car. But what better reason to grow a beard and go on a shooting rampage than the murder of your toddler.

Skyler and Marie Kill Each Other, Everyone is Happy – Max Miller
There is no way to satisfy every single viewer UNLESS the writers have decided to take out the two most annoying characters on the show at the same exact time. We basically saw their relationship crumble this past week and that tension is only going to increase as the episodes move along. Skyler has shown a little bit of Heisenberg in her demeanor recently (see: her confrontation with Lydia at the car wash), so maybe an epic showdown with Marie isn’t so far off.

Walt Works With Hank to Bust Todd’s Organization – Gary Dudak
Walt is a master manipulator. You may think there is no way in hell that either Walt will work with Hank or Hank will allow Walt to use him, but think about it. It makes sense. Hank said in the last episode that once he discloses that Walt is Heisenberg, his career is over. But what if, after all of that, Walt helps Hank take down the current meth operation. Hank gets his career back, and perhaps Walt makes up for all the pain he has caused his brother-in-law, and goes out in a blaze of glory (after taking the ricin himself, of course).

Jesse Comes Close to Killing Himself Right Before His Ultimate Redemption – Matt Branham
I thought Walt would be the sole survivor who would live with his decisions, but now I think Jesse will come out on top. He’s got a good heart and a conscience, especially lately, and everybody wants to see him win in the end after being beaten down the whole series. I don’t see Vince Gilligan pissing people off with his ending, so I think Jesse will find out about a few things Walt did (Jane, Brock) and use his head, not his gun, to end him. Perhaps a switch of the ricin container with Walt?

Jesse Dies in the Next Few Episodes – Matt Trunzo
How he dies is related to, in my estimation, Hank giving him some piece of information trying to get him to flip that breaks the final straw of his seriously fragile emotional state … A suicide? An overdose? Whatever. Jesse sucks. As for Walt, we know a few things about him from the future flashes. He’s not in custody (and, seemingly, the feds aren’t on his trail), he’s dying of cancer, he recovers the ricin and he has a very large weapon which he intends to use. Meanwhile, there’s a clear reason why Gilligan continues to harp on the Czechs and their unquenchable appetite for only top tier meth. As we saw in the last episode, Todd and the Nazis unseat Declan and take over the meth operation. This isn’t the resolution for Lydia and the Czech’s problems, though. As Declan alludes to before his death, Todd is not capable of running the operation. The operation and the quality of the meth quickly unravels and the Czechs are not happy customers yet again. To wrap it up, I believe the Czechs try to force Walt back into the business. In the process of pushing Walt back to meth cooking, Skylar and/or the kids is/are threatened and/or killed, resulting in the antithesis of what Walt has always wanted (for his family to be always safe and happy). Walt gets resolution by taking out the Czechs with the MG, and, realizing that his death is inevitable, kills himself shortly thereafter with the ricin.* (*Gary gave me this idea.)

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