Mysterious 13-Foot Long Monster With Horns Washes Up On The Beach in Spain

Yeah. We're just gonna stay out of the water for a little while.

Mandatory Editorsby Mandatory Editors

Bizarre 'Sea Monster' Washes Up on Spanish Shore

What has horns, just washed ashore in Spain and will make you question ever going to the beach again? This thing. Whatever it is.

A 13-foot long sea monster was found decomposing on the beaches of Villaricos, Spain. A swimmer ran across the decapitated head first, then discovered the body. Authorities were brought to the scene to extract the rest of this monstrosity onto the beach, where they cordoned off the area to further examine the rotting remains.

The horrific carcass gave off such a considerable stench, most of the remains were buried for safety reasons. Researchers are continuing to run tests to determine a species, but so far none has been determined.

Maria Sanchez, the civil protection coordinator for Cuevas del Almanzora, offered the theory that it may have washed in from off the shores of Africa. Noting the long, tubular body, Sanchez said it looked like a snake but could actually be a dragon fish, which are indigenous to Africa.

The most likely explanation is that this is merely an oarfish. The longest oarfish discovered is 36 feet long, though the species is rarely seen since it resides so far below the ocean’s surface.

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