Our Final Round of ‘Breaking Bad’ Predictions

All bad things must come to an end. Like our predictions.

Gary Dudakby Gary Dudak

It’s finally here. After 61 amazing episodes of Breaking Bad, we have reached the finale. We have truly enjoyed watching along with you and making predictions, but find ourselves more anxious and indecisive than ever before as we approach “Felina” (the title of the final episode). Nevertheless, it’s our duty to tell you what we think is going to happen, so that’s what we’re going to do. One last time. Like it or not. Enjoy our final round of brilliant Breaking Bad predictions.

Walt Gets Killed and Jesse Accidentally Kills Himself – Rob Fee

Walt comes back to New Mexico with the realization that he has lost everything and is about to die. He knows he has to try to settle the score, since that’s pretty much all he has left. He takes out the Nazis in a huge gun battle but not before being fatally wounded. Jesse, who he thought was dead, finds him and comes to watch him die. Once Walt’s dead he sees a pack of cigarettes on him and gets the last one out to smoke it, not knowing it’s the ricin. It ends with Jesse realizing he just killed himself. Of course, I could be completely wrong, like I have been every other week.

Heisenberg Takes walter white, broken mirrorOut Everyone (Except Jesse) – Cory Dudak

They didn’t play the theme of the show to close out last week’s episode for nothing. If Elliot and Gretchen think there is nothing but a monster left in Walt, then he’s gonna show them what it truly means to break bad. That giant gun is most certainly for the Nazis, and since Walt is now a man with nothing left to lose, and only his legacy to gain back, he’ll swoop in and take out the entire lot of them just as they’ve decided it’s time to kill Jesse (but Jesse will finally catch a break when Walt simply assumes he was already killed long ago and leaves without ever noticing he’s still in his hole). Walt will then proceed to meet Lydia at the coffee shop to discuss new terms, as he informs her there’s been a “regime change.” Lydia will order tea, and you will assume Walt plans to ricin her, but instead he’ll bluntly shoot her in the head as he exits the shop. Walt will then calmly walk to a nearby mailbox and place a package inside before being arrested. As he rots away in prison, he will see a breaking news bulletin on television stating that the Schwartzes were found dead after eating from a package they believed was sent by Charlie Rose. Walt will simply smirk as the camera slowly pans out, content to die now that the world knows that nobody wins when going up against the mighty Heisenberg.

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Jesse Saves Walt’s Family, Then Marie Kills Walt – Matt Branham

Walt can only have the element of surprise with the Nazis through Lydia, so he’ll use her to find their location before he slips the ricin in her tea. However, she will warn Todd he’s in town first. Anticipating a vengeful Walt, Jack has Todd abduct Flynn from school as collateral and forces him to give up Skyler’s location, so he has everybody including Jesse captive in the same spot: the lab. Jesse has been forced to coomarie, granite statek for Brock’s sake, but he’ll find a way to pull off a dynamite Heisenberg science move and cause a meth lab explosion that saves Flynn and Skyler, killing Jack and the Nazis and destroying Walt’s money. Todd will make it out alive, though, and will avenge Lydia’s death by killing Skyler instantly. Walt can’t fire a gun for shit and his cancer has him down as Todd goes to kill Flynn, but Jesse resurfaces with his last breath to save the child and have a drawn-out goodbye with a grateful Walt. Meanwhile, sweet neighbor Carol has told authorities Walt’s back in town and it hits the news like a high-speed chase that Marie catches on TV. A disgusted Flynn draws a loose gun on his father until Marie shows up to stop him. She turns and kills Walt herself to avenge Hank. Feds show up and arrest Marie. Fade to black.

See This Prediction During the 1st Commercial Break of Low Winter SunMax Miller

Jesse Is the Only One Who Makes It Out Alive – Gary Dudak

If you haven’t heard, creator Vince Gilligan gave fans one clue about the finale on last week’s “Talking Bad” – the word “woodworking.” Many fans think this hints at Walt constructing a cabinet or box to hide his money in and eventually deliver to his family (kind of like the money hidden in the walls of the Banana Stand jesse pinkman, granite stateon “Arrested Development,” I guess). Others think it is a call back to Jesse’s talk with his rehab group leader (Season 3, Episode 9) in which he tells him about making this beautiful box in woodworking class that he gave to his mom, but then admits that he actually didn’t. He sold it for an ounce of weed. I am with this group. I think Gilligan’s clue is a sign that Jesse, the one character on the show who constantly battles with guilt and has been tortured more than anyone, is ultimately the one who will make it out alive and find a road to recovery. I also don’t think the name “Felina” will even be mentioned during the finale, and there’s a good chance the infamous ricin will never be used on anyone.

Walt Kills Everyone … Including His FamilyCory Jones

All right, I know what you’re saying: Cory, you are an idiot. (I get that a lot.) But hear me out. Walt is a man who’s lost it all: his family, his fortune, his health, his legacy. He’s seen what his life will be like now that his cover is blown, so it’s time to do as much damage as possible before he sets sail into the afterlife. First, he will kill the Nazis and Todd. Then he will kill Lydia. He will then go to where Skyler works and after apologizing for putting her through this, he will kill her. Walt will see it as a mercy killing after he has destroyed her life and left her with nothing. I can’t see him killing Flynn or Holly (maybe Louis?) but who knows. Walt is now officially off the rails. Once everyone else is dead, he finds out that Jesse is still alive and they have one final showdown that leaves both of them dead. This will be a very depressing episode.

Walt Lives, Tries to Protect Jesse, FailsPaul Ulane

I’m sticking to my prediction that Walt lives. Picking up right where we left last episode, Walt storms off from the bar and heads home to pack up his stuff. During that packing sequence, he stumbles across an old newspaper clipping from his stash of New Mexico papers that features a picture of Andrea’s corpse. This ignites feelings of pity for Jesse and Walt heads home with only one goal: Kill all the Nazis and break Jesse free. Unfortunately, Walt is only one man and he has no idea how to take down a pack of ruthless killers, so he fails and Jesse dies in the process. Thanks again to Todd’s respect for Walt, the Nazis once again decide to spare Walt. Even though Walt is still alive as the series ends, it doesn’t matter: his family has deserted him, he can’t lead a normal life without getting arrested and, despite still having his last barrel of cash, he is stuck living alone in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Last scene of the series: Walt weeping while watching “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.”

And if we are all wrong (once again), then most likely this is what ended up being correct: