The All-Time NFL Postseason Fantasy Team

These guys stepped up more than the others.

Gary Dudakby Gary Dudak

The NFL regular season is finally over, which means your fantasy leagues have come to a close, as well. However, some of you fantasy football freaks with an insatiable appetite for more will draft playoff teams and hope that your players bust out an all-time great performance. With that in mind, I scoured the record books for the best single game performances in NFL playoff history (including Super Bowls), and you may be surprised by the team that assembled. Or maybe not. These guys were (are) all pretty much studs, and six interceptions by Brett Favre – three returned for touchdowns – helped the 2001 Rams land the top spot for defense. For additional fun facts about the best NFL postseason fantasy team ever, check out more below the stat sheet.

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The grand total of points for this fantasy team dreams are made of? 331.9.

Yes, Colin Kaepernick’s performance against the Packers in last year’s playoffs was the best ever. Better than Steve Young’s 6 touchdown passes and 49 yards rushing in Super Bowl XXIX. Better than Peyton Manning’s 458 yards passing and 5 total TDs (4 passing, 1 rushing) in the 2004 Wild Card round. In fact, Kaepernick’s game was one of the best ever fantasy-wise for a QB, playoffs or not, and his 181 yards rushing are the most ever for a quarterback in any single game.

Many single game yardage leaders in NFL playoff history came close to making this team, but just missed out due to a lack of other fantasy gold. Eric Moulds, former WR for the Buffalo Bills, holds the single game record for receiving yards (240), but only had 1 touchdown, for a total of 30 points. Eric Dickerson, former Rams RB, holds the record for rushing yards (248), but only had two TDs and no receiving yards. This would be a total of 36.8 points. Finally, former Browns QB Bernie Kosar holds the single game record for most passing yards (489), but he only threw one touchdown pass.

Seven different kickers have made 5 field goals in a single NFL playoff game, but Chuck Nelson’s two over 40 yards and three extra points gave him the slight edge.

Researching the best defensive fantasy performances was easily the most challenging part of this, but I am nearly certain the Rams’ day against the Brett Favre-led Packers in the 2001 NFC playoffs was the best ever (Note: this did not include any special teams stats; it was strictly defense). However, if Cowboys lineman Leon Lett had not showboated during his fumble return in Super Bowl XXVII, allowing Don Beebe to knock the ball out before scoring a touchdown, they would be the defense on this all-time fantasy team with 41 points (instead they only got 35).

Notes: All stats verified at Standard non-PPR scoring was used to determine point totals with one exception: no negative points were given for fumbles or interceptions.