US Olympian Julia Mancuso Goes Nude Except For Her ‘Lucky Underwear’

Sexy shots from Julia's GQ photo shoot.

Tommy Gimlerby Tommy Gimler

Tap water so dangerous it will wreck your face, threats of terrorism, unfinished hotels, and double toilets without barriers between them. There really hasn’t been a good reason to attend the Sochi Winter Olympic Games this year.

Well, until now.

julia mancuso lucky underwear olympian, julia mancuso GQ

American alpine skier Julia Mancuso revealed in a recent interview with GQ that she liked to tell people who asked how she won so many events that it was because she wore “lucky underwear.”

julia mancuso lucky underwear gq

According to GQ, the three-time Olympic medal winner now has her own line of underwear called “Kiss My Tiara,” and she is likely to medal again in Sochi. We’ll be rooting for her. And, if she’s ever alone with us, she can medal in whatever the hell she wants.

(via GQ)

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